Hi, I'm Stacey, your hormone coach

The Balance Academy is brought to you by Stacey Foat, clinical Naturopath and Nutritionist, with over 15 years experience helping men and women heal their body and balancing hormones! 

The key difference with the 'Balanced Babe' approach is that we take ownership of our body's symptoms through education and understanding the message the hormones are sharing and holistically address these messages by addressing the physical imbalance of the body, the emotional suppression of the mind and the energetic disconnection of the spiritual field.

Stacey's courses empower you to take back control of your health by understanding the body's needs, the messages and learning how to implement these healing practices yourself at home.  

Balance is Stacey's goal for everyone in her community, teaching valuable health and life hacks so we can all enjoy all the finer fun things of the human experience with the right amount of tools to keep health in check and still indulge in this beautiful life!

My story

Stacey Foat

Stacey's passion is fuelled by her own personal experience of 'Hormone Hell' having been diagnosed with early onset Menopause at age 27 after battling with PCOS for a few years and eventually Adrenal Fatigue, an under active Thyroid gland, weight gain, cystic acne and chronic eczema. 

Stacey successfully healed her own body utilizing the principles of the Hormone Healing System and has not had any of the above symptoms for over 10 years, including conceiving her daughter naturally after being told by the medical industry that this would never be possible

Stacey's highest values are health, happiness and the freedom of feeling comfortable and confident in your body and it is her mission to empower as many women as possible to live a life they love, with full vitality and unwavering self-belief in their bodies 
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What our community members say:

"Thanks to Stacey Foat another period with no pain and no PMS! You can heal your body, even with Endometriosis."

Dr. Rebecca Rowe, Melbourne

"So grateful for your programs! I am someone who used to experience period pain so intense that I would faint, which only got increasingly worse after having kids. I'm now 4 years period pain free, thanks so much to Stace"

Nikita Hopkins, New Zealand

"In 2018 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, I was told there is no cure and I must have surgery immediately. I don't listen to the medical systems advice without doing my own research first, fast forward 5 years, still no surgery and 2 years pain free. I am so proud of myself for all the healing work and for calling such aligned support in Stacey Foat from Balanced Babes "

Fiona Mikowski, Greece

Are you ready to step into the best most energetic, vibrant version of yourself? 
Learn the Art of Hormone Balancing and create the life and health of your dreams!

We can't wait to have you join our Swag of Balanced Babes

Thank you!  
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