Understanding everything you need to know about Hormones....

The Foundations of Hormone Balancing Mini Course

Learn how to use your hormones to look and feel your best, all month long! 

Take your career and
expertise to a new level!

4 Foundational Principles

4 core learning principles, covered in 4 modules over 4 weeks delivered hard and fast with no fluff for the busy, time poor woman who needs quick and effortless implementation steps! 

18 Educational Videos

Quick 5minute, easy to digest educational videos to help your understand the principles of hormone balancing and how to easily implement the simple lifestyle changes into your day to day life

Family Friendly Meal Plans

Choose from Vegetarian or Meat eating, both plans include minimal prep, quick and easy to cook with easy to source simple ingredients which the whole family can enjoy!

 Transformational Workbook

Downloadable & Printable Personal Transformation workbook for daily accountability, energy & mindset shifting and daily results

Support Group

Connect in with like minded women sharing the same hormonal struggles whilst juggling life, parenthood, work, relationships and that busy social calendar.  Our Facebook Support Group is a place to ask questions and receive regular inspiration and motivation 

Created by

Stacey Foat
Hormone Specialist Naturopath & Nutritionist 

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With over 14 years Clinical experience as a Naturopath Stacey, knows the struggles of hormone imbalances more than the average woman, having cured herself of PCOS, adrenal fatigue, an under active Thyroid, cystic hormonal acne and painful periods. Stacey has built this foundational course to help give woman a simple understanding of they can take back control of their hormones but learning how to listen to what their body needs through common hormonal symptoms! 
Stacey's passion is helping women to fall back in love with their bodies, so feel confident, energized and sexy through all stages of the month and reproductive years. 

She aims to do this through giving women easy to implement lifestyle hacks whilst maintaining a balanced life of fun, social gatherings, eating out and enjoying the finer things in life, without burning yourself out! 

Course Lessons

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