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The Balanced Babes 8week Bootcamp

8 week Physical, Spiritual and Emotional transformation for happy, balanced hormones!!


JUNE 3RD, 2024
Enroll anytime to receive instant access to Pre-work, online education portal, Facebook Support Group & The BONUS Balanced Babes 'ReplenishME' Thyroid & Adrenal Tonic
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balanced babes bootcamp...

The 8week Transformation that will Change your Life!

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We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field

Early Bird Bonus - Valued at $99 

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  • A FREE bottle of The Balanced Babes Thyroid & Adrenal Tonic  - ReplenishME

  • 500ml - 6 weeks Herbal Medicine

  • Increase your energy, restore adrenal health and jump start your Thyroid

Take your career and
expertise to a new level!

1:1 Coaching Call

Personalise your healing journey with your exclusive 1:1 coaching Session, where you can map out the most specific plan of attack for you, interpret tests or symptoms and help you overcome your specific health blocks. Stacey can refer you for tests, help you break down limiting beliefs with a personalized Kinesiology session or simply help you to better understand your body and what it needs to heal. 

Group Coaching

Weekly, motivational check-in's working through practical exercising, reframing old beliefs and uncovering new energized perspectives about health and how you view your body! These calls are priceless and are recorded if you can't make them live. 6pm AEST Tuesday evenings for 8 weeks via Zoom

Education Content

8 modules to work through the 8 major areas that contribute to hormone imbalances. You'll get lifetime access to this content to you work at your own pace and review anytime. This content is about empowering and educating you in understanding your body and what it needs to find balance, so you can take charge of your healing journey and maintain balance for the rest of your life! 

Printable PDF Program Guide

The 8week transformation Guidebook is your step by step handbook which you can use to follow the weekly tasks and find out how to easily implement each weeks new health hacks! The printable guidebook includes all of the instructions you need for successfully implementing all of your Bootcamp challenges, take notes and record your progress! 

Journal Guidebook

Another handy printable guide, this is your bible for all things emotional healing, learning the art of connecting with your body, building self-awareness and building a deeper connection with yourself and in turn your partner and family. Journaling is a powerful transformation tool which helps to build self-confidence and help you to make sense of your thoughts, this journal guide is a game changer when it comes to your results and cementing lifelong change! 

Bootcamp for your Hormones!

Imbalanced Hormones wreak havoc with your physical body and emotions, which is why we holistically address it all over these jam packed 8 weeks!
  • Physical Healing

    Health hacks, Diet, lifestyle & Supplement intervention to increase energy, heal your digestion, lose weight and improve your skin
  • Spiritual Healing

    Breathwork, Yoni Steaming, Cacao ceremony & other sacred practices to re-connect your with your purpose
  • Emotional Healing

    Learn & implement the Emotional Evolution Technique to help you move through triggers, blocks and self-sabotage
  • Group Healing

    Share your journey with like minded women, navigating the same hormonal changes to help you better understand your body and stay motivated

Bootcamp Self-Care Kit


  • Everything you need to complete the 8 weekly Health Hacks
  • Balanced Babes: Supplements CleanseMe Colon Cleanse &  RestoreME Probiotics
  • Enema Kit, Cacao, Castor oil Pack Kit, Bulb Syringe, Essential Oil blends, Yoni Steaming herbs
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Balanced Babes: CleanseME, 375gm
Valued at $69

Signature Colon Cleanse product used for the 3day Colon Cleanse protocol for hormone balance, gut health and digestion

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Balanced Babes: RestoreME, 90gm
Valued at $53

Broad Spectrum, 10 Multi strain blend in powder form for the most targeted administration and best supportive gut health 

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Balanced Babes: Reusable Enema Kit, Valued at $25

Lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean at home enema kit essential for liver and colon cleansing

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Balanced Babes: Yoni Steaming Herbs, 2 steams, Valued at $15

Handcrafted dried herbal blend specific for nourishing Vaginal health & connecting with the womb, a sacred part of the Feminine Healing module

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Balanced Babes: Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil & Compress Valued at $50

Organic cold pressed Castor oil packaged in glass for ultimate quality with an organic bamboo compress cloth for Liver packing and detoxification support 
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Balanced Babes: Bulb Syringe
Valued at $15

Easy to use, BPA free bulb syringe for probiotic implants for enhanced gut health and microbiome support
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Balanced Babes: Organic Ceremonial Cacao, 75gm Valued at $15

Pure Ceremonial Organic Cacao for nervous system regulation and intuition connection
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Balanced Babes: Signature Essential Oil Blend for Liver, Valued at $25

2 signature blends, 1 to support liver healing and detoxification and the other for balancing hormones and assisting with the management of painful, heavy periods, clots, fibroids and cysts. 

The 8week Bootcamp is for....

Woman who are struggling with...

Fatigue, full Body exhaustion and a lack of Motivation

We utilize QUICK, EASY to implement hormone bio-hacking techniques to regain your energy, and excitement for life. Easy to follow dietary guidelines, deep understanding of your body and its needs and quick health hacks to help you gain more vitality and self-awareness to make healthier choices for your lifestyle .

Mood Swings and Emotional Ups and Downs

We'll balance your hormones and stabilize your mood with Self-Care and emotional evolution exercises to have your feeling in control of your mood and banish that debilitating PMS. With journal prompts and your printable guidebook we'll help you understand what you are feeling, how to communicate what you need and how to seek support from your partner to create an emotionally supportive home and work environment. 

Low Libido & a Lack of Self-Confidence

With our group coaching we'llbe focusing on help0ing you to get back in touch with your body, your hobbies and your passions so you feel more aligned and able to set healthy boundaries and stop warrying yourself down doing things out of obligation or fear. We'll realign your energy with confidence and help you to start living in alignment with your values which naturally energizes the soul allowing you more time and excitement for intimacy with your partner

Disconnection from their bodies and their partner or children

Our number 1 goal is to create self-awareness so that you can start to understand the habits that support your body and choices that harm your body. Through learning the art of listening to your body and understanding the messages of your hormones you'll be able to create a daily routine of self-care that feels good, that you want to make time for and learn loads of health hacks you can share with the whole family

What's included?

Everything you could need in the one purchase 

Easy to Follow 8week program Guide

Downloaded & printable full instruction guide, with the complete  list of health hacks, To do lists and everything you need to know

Lifetime Access to 8week Transformation System

8 online modules, addressing the mindset and health hacks necessary for transforming your relationship with your body and balancing your hormones

8weeks of Live Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching calls for mindset and education, hosted on zoom. 6pmn AEST Tuesday evenings.. Calls are recorded & replays shared in the Facebook Group

Lifetime Access to The Bootcamp

Register once for lifetime access to all future held Bootcamps (approx 3 per year) and lifetime access to the Facebook Support Group

1 on 1 Private Coaching Call with Stacey

Individualize your program with the Support of Stacey in your 1 on 1 coaching call, where Stacey will make specific personalized recommendations to help you achieve your personal health goals

Bootcamp Self-Care Starter Kit

Valued at $276 includes everything you need to complete the 8week Bootcamp including Colon Cleanse powder, Probiotics and much more!

Created by

Stacey Foat
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Naturopath, Nutritionist, Hormone Specialist
Stacey has been working in the field of Naturopathy for 17 years, choosing to specialize in supporting women through the often overwhelming task of understanding their hormones, connecting with their body, surrendering into the feminine and most importantly mastering the art of Self-Acceptance
In 2011 Stacey overcame her own battle with 'unruly' hormones and self-worth demons, healing herself from PCOS, overcoming an underactive Thyroid, clearing up cystic acne and Eczema an losing 14kg. 
But her biggest achievement was changing her beliefs about her body, learning how to love herself, stepping into her powerand finding her self-belief. 
And this is exactly what she is going to teach you  how to do for your own personal healing journey over this 8 week Bootcamp, learn the art of Self-Love, connect with your intuition and fall back in love with your ENTIRE LIFE! 

Being a Balanced Babe is Easy!

in just 8 week imagine what you too can achieve! 

Tara Noller, Gold Coast 

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Pay in Full Price $999
Or available on a Payment Plan of $1180 over 10 weeks

8week Bootcamp Schedule

Pay in Full Price: $999
or a Payment Plan of $1180 over 10 weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to follow the program strictly for results?

Our Motto at Balanced Babes is "Doing something is better than doing nothing" so we encourage you to work at your own pace, following along and implementing only as much is possible for you. This is why we offer lifetime access to the 8week challenges and all the recordings, so you can' work at your own pace. The more you an implement, the faster your results will be. 

What does the Eating plan on the Bootcamp consist of?

At Balanced Babes, we understand that ALL bodies are different so we don't believe in a 1 size fits all, so we focus on eating guidelines to follow instead of strict diets. However our Bootcamp does include 2 different meal plans: Meat based and Vegetarian based for those who like to follow a meal by meal daily plan. 

Do you offer an Affiliate Commission for referring my friends?

Upon signing up, you can access the Balance Academy Affiliate program, which means you can share the program details on social media or with friends and family. For anyone who registers for the Bootcamp with you affiliate link you will receive $100 AUD 

What if I cant attend the calls live?

Our group coaching calls are held on Tuesday evenings at 6pm AEST for the 8 consecutive weeks of the Bootcamp via Zoom. If you can't make a live call, the recordings are uploaded to your Facebook support group. All live impromptu videos and the weekly video check-ins are done in the Facebook group and remain active in the group ongoing so can be viewed at anytime. You will be tagged each time a new video is uploaded so you don't miss anything. 

LIFETIME ACCESS......which means you can participate in our 8week Bootcamp over and over again! 

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