Learn how to use your Hormones to feel and look your best!  

Our Foundations of Hormone Balancing Mini Course is the perfect tool for busy mums who are stressed out, strung out and sick of feeling like they have no time or space for themselves! In this quick and easy to implement 4 Module Mini Course we'll teach you the simple life hacks that will get you back into control of your health and happiness without requiring hours of your time to learn the magic! 
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Learn how to become a Balanced Babe with this vital foundational information on Hormone Balancing

The benefits of hormone balancing

No more irrational outbursts at your partner and kids...  

Feeling like an a crazy person will be a thing of the past when you understand how your hormones affect your mood and how to prevent the highs and lows! 

Banish the PMS slump and feel in stable all month round

Imbalanced hormones lead to unpredictable cycles, skin outbreaks, weight gain, mood swings, painful breasts and a plethora of uncomfortable symptoms, in this 4 week plan we'll show you how to master your cycle, nourish the body and drop the 'mummy guilt' around self-care so you can smash out your to do list without completely wrecking yourself 

Feel energetic, sexy and social again with a burst of happy hormones...

Balanced healthy oestrogen has us feeling on unstoppable! It supports our skin, boosts our mood & libido and energizes our body, this 28 day plan will teach you how to support oestrogen and balance it with Progesterone so you feel great all month long 

 Say goodbye to Bloating & having to avoid certain clothing because you hate how you look 

1:1 coaching boosts confidence by highlighting strengths and successes. It also creates strategies to overcome challenges, resulting in a stronger self-belief.
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How the Course Works 

  • 4 Simple Modules, set over 4 weeks. 4 Videos per module. 2 major 'implementation' steps per week. Easy.
  • Transformational Journal for daily accountability & big shifts. 5 minutes of self-awareness and self-assessment to help you reconnect with your body and learn the process of listening to your hormones 
  • Downloadable Meal Plan & PDF Resources for extra learning and deeper information for the high achievers
  • Easy to Follow Lifestyle hacks the whole family will benefit from, whilst building your Confidence take back charge of your health 

Here's what we cover...

- 01

How your Hormones Work & What they do 

In your first coaching session, your coach will introduce themselves and provide an overview of the coaching process. They will also work with you to identify your goals and aspirations, and to create a plan for achieving them.
- 02

Nutrition Simplified & how it affects your Hormones 

Your coach will motivate you to talk about any obstacles or challenges impeding your goal attainment. By attentively listening, they will offer guidance and support to help you overcome those challenges.
- 03

Toxins & Your Hormones - How to Safeguard yourself and your family home

Based on your goals and the challenges you are facing, your coach will help you create an action plan for moving forward. This plan will include specific steps you can take to overcome obstacles and make progress towards achieving your goals.
- 04

Understanding our Mood swings & What your hormones are communicating

Your coach will also discuss the ongoing support and resources that will be available to you throughout the coaching process. This may include access to additional tools and resources, ongoing check-ins, and support from the coach between sessions.

Bonus Printable Downloads to enhance your Learning Experience

This Mini course is jam packed with Value, with How to guides' Instructional PDFs and easy to access documents 

  • Printable Meal Plans: Vegetarian, Plant-based, Meat
  • Naturopathic Pathology Test Requests & Interpretation Guide - valued at $149
  • Transformational 28 Day Journal + Workbook
  • 'How to' Guides for implementing all the wellbeing hacks

Our students love us  

This course covers everything you need to know about your hormones, including the tricky stuff that you can't 'google'. Stacey explains your hormones and their roles, what blood tests to ask your doctor for and how to interpret the results, along with supplements to take in order to correct any issues. She shares nutrition advice, eating plans and information on how to detox and so much more. It really is a very complete course, giving you everything you need to know to take control of your health and hormones and is well worth the investment for all the information you receive. I've loved how easy it is to watch the videos and follow the advice, this is a must have course for all women! 

Amy Bristol

Gold Coast, Australia
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